Antonio Quieju Chiveliu and his family received a wall of corn from neighbors after Antonio was shot in the leg during the massacre. He will be unable to work for a year.
Villagers burn a soldier’s effigy on Easter Sunday to continue to protest against the military massacre of 14 citizens of Santiago Atitlan on Dec. 2, 1990.
The highland village of Santiago Atitlan continues to hold monthly masses to commemorate the 14 citizens killed and 24 injured when soldiers fired into a crowd that had gathered to protest an earlier shooting of a resident by drunken soldiers. A 30-year conflict between the army and leftist guerillas has left the indigenous population in Guatemala hopelessly pinned between both sides. At top, Magdelena and Francisco Sisay cry over the body of their slain nine-year-old son, Geronimo. At bottom ri
Children from a Guatemalan village honor the grave of a young, local man who died fighting for freedom.