A young anti-abortion demonstrator is arrested in Buffalo, New York last April during Operation Rescue’s “Spring of Life” campaign. Photo by AP/Wide World Photo.
Dinner was prepared nightly for Operation Rescue participants by members of Hosanna First Assembly Church in Baton Rouge and supporters from neighboring churches. Photo by APF Fellow Alissa Rubin.
Children from Operation Rescue drink apple Juice to rehydrate themselves near the Baton Rouge abortion clinic after several hours of morning prayers, singing and marching. Photo by APF Fellow Alissa Rubin.
Teenagers who are veteran Operation Rescue members coach local Baton Rouge children on how to blockade an abortion clinic. Photo by APF Fellow Alissa Rubin.
Operation Rescue members run and crawl into police lines in an effort to reach the gates of the Delta Women’s Clinic in, Baton Rouge. Photo by APF Fellow Alissa Rubin.
Gerald Murry and Kathy DeFiore, right, founder of Several Sources Foundation, an anti-abortion group, hold twins Christian and Zackery at a rally in New York in 1991-they said the twins were saved when members of the group persuaded their mother not to end her pregnancy. Photo by AP Wideworld Photos.
Malorie Helgert, 7, of Tomball, Texas reads during an anti-abortion rally at a Houston courthouse last August. Standing above her is her mother, Rhonda Helgert. Photo by AP Wideworld Photos.