Nursery school teacher playing with toddlers.
Pre-school children dancing during a performance.
Elementary school students saluting the flag while listening to the national anthem before going to class.
Students do carpentry work at a special school for children with mental disabilities.
Ballet school students practice.
Acting class at one of the most prestigious high schools in Havana.
Besides their curriculum activities, students are required to work in agriculture three times a week. Students clearing land where sugar cane will be planted.
Circus school. Acrobats' daily training.
Chemistry class in medicine school.
Cadets learn to operate a tank at a military academy.
Cadets studying English in a language lab.
Cadets practicing marching drills.

For the past few months, I've been given unlimited access to photograph the Cuban education system. I started with nursery schools and slowly worked my way to graduate study.

With my pictures, I've tried to show both the diversity and the complexity of the school system there.

These images are part of a constant effort to show to an American audience aspects of Cuban life.

The ultimate goal is to bring these two cultures back together.