APF Fellow James Lukoski has made several trips to the Middle East, focusing on Israeli-Palestinian issues. These photographs illustrate some of the tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem and were taken before the U.S. declared war on Iraq.

The funerals of two local villagers killed by the Israeli army prompted a political rally at Kufr Neimeh in the West Bank.
Palestinians hold a memorial service and political rally during a week to commemorate the founding of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the second most popular faction of the PLO. The five-pointed star is a symbol of the D.F.L.P. The founder and leader of the group, Naef Hawatme, is pictured in the star’s center.
A four-year-old Palestinian boy is comforted by his mother after being burned by a stun grenade he found in his yard at the Bureij Refugee Camp on the Gaza Strip. The grenade exploded when he picked it up to play with it, giving him second-degree burns on his face, hands and arms.
On International Women\0xD5s day, about 100 Palestinian women march through the village of Beit Sahour on the West Bank to protest the military occupation. The banner says, "The struggle of the Palestinian women is the struggle of the whole Palestinian nation." The march was broken up when Israeli army members threw stun grenades at the protestors.
Palestinian women in Gaza City demonstrate against the Israeli military occupation. The march was broken up by the Israeli army, which used stun and tear gas grenades.
More than 40 Palestinians lived in this house in Sheik Radwan in the Gaza Strip before the Israeli army destroyed it with explosives. The destruction was ordered because one household member was accused of wounding an Israeli soldier with a gasoline bomb. The occupants were given fifteen minutes to evacuate with their belongings.
A Palestinian shooting victim cries in pain as he is transported. He was shot in the stomach by a live bullet as he watched a clash between the army and the Shebab (young men) near the entrance to the Bureij refugee camp on the Gaza Strip.
A masked Palestinian militiaman paints illegal revolutionary graffiti on the walls of Arrura in the West bank. The words translate, "The letters of history are fake unless they are written in blood\0xD0Fatah."