A November 20th 1960 ad from the  New York Mirror magazine. Courtesy of the collection of Joe B. Tye and STAT (Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco).
Dorothy Peters’ husband, Sidney, a filter maker, died of asbestosis and lung cancer at age 51. He weighed 74 pounds at his death.
Sign outside the Hollingsworth & Vose factory in West Groton, Massachusetts.
ke Nutting, 55, a former worker in the filter plant, now relies on an oxygen tank to help him breathe.
Phil Lemere’s father worked for only a few months at Specialties, yet died last year from mesothelioma.
Ads for Kent in the 1950’s and early 60’s stressed that the Micronite filter gave greater health protection than the usual filters made of "plain cellulose, cotton or crepe paper."