The Noble oil fields in Baku Azerbaijan.
The seaport of Baku.
Walking the shore of Baku.
Shallow pools of oily, polluted water are found throughout the port city of Baku.
A tribute to oil men has been carved in sandstone at Baku.
Workers pick rice in fields adjoining the Caspian oil rigs.
Oil workers on Caspian Sea rigs.
Oil pipelines stretch along the Baku seaport.
Surface water has been polluted by oil overflows along the coast in Baku.

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN--The discovery of oil forever has changed the lands surrounding the Caspian Sea. APF photographer Stanley Greene spent time with workers, showing the rigs that are quickly extracting oil from this new field. The communities surrounding the new oil fields are finding their environment changed by shallow waste wells, construction, and new arrivals. What were once fishing and agricultural villages are now transformed by derricks and docks.