Family reunion at the Havana airport, Cuba.
A nurse whispers reassuring words in a geriatric home in Caibarien.
Waiting for coffee in Regla, Cuba.
A fisherman tries to sell his catch in Havana, Cuba.
Boys jumping off into the Malecoñ on a hot, summer day in Havana, Cuba.
Cubans dancing in Calbarien, Cuba.
A high school student picks tobacco during a voluntary school program in Bautista, Cuba.
A gynecologist listens to a heartbeat in Remedio, Cuba.
A boy walk his pet crab along the Malecoñ in Havana, Cuba.
A woman displays two wooden sculptures that she carved in Palacio, Cuba.
Children cluster on top of the tank used by Fidel Castro to repel the Bay of Pigs invasion. This was taken in Havana on the 37th anniversery celebration of the revolution, Havana, Cuba.
A cigar factory worker smokes her own hand-rolled cigar in Havana, Cuba.
Children playing with soap bubles in Havana, Cuba.
A clown entertaining in Havana, Cuba.
A machetero, or sugar cane cutter, takes a break near Bejucal, Cuba.
A tobacco farmer shows off leaves in Bautista, Cuba.
A Salsa musicians rehearse in Havana, Cuba.
My wife, Sissy, has her mother and cousin Josephine listen to the twins’ heart beats in Camaguey, Cuba.
Sissy resting with Pietro and Stefano in Camaguey, Cuba.
Stefano and Sissy on his first birthday in Camaguey, Cuba.
A baseball game in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.
A young boy jumps into his mother’s arms in Havana, Cuba.
St. Lazarus’ devotees offer candles in Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba.