November 28, 1980

Meat inspectors on the job.

The Meat Inspector

BOLINAS, CA.– “OK. You see that discoloration here, that’s caused by pneumonia,” says Dr. Thomas Harris, DVM, Inspector-in-Charge for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. He points at a large pink bovine lung, and slices into it with a butcher knife. Next to it are a jumble of other internal organs […]

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(l to r): 1st. Row: V. Yellen, R. Gallangher, R. D'Ascenso, J. Courtwright, T. Langlois, P. Power, W. Lebeschak, T. Michaels, G. Montherway, O. Langlie; 2nd Row: R. Donnellan, R. Rink, J. Striker, G. Mischler, J. Sullivan, D. Dunn, T. Penkert, A. Pineault, A. Zuppero, E. Eber, J. O'Donnell, J. Shaffer; 3rd Row: S. Flott, J. Hughes, J. Burger, D. Wiesen, M. Campbell, H Stryker, R. Brown, P. Evans, E. Pass, B. Bailey.


DULUTH, Minn.–Getting in. Grammar schools were the seminary farm team in the Fifties, and sisters were the unpaid scouts. In a way getting into a seminary after eighth grade was like riding a river-all you had to do was go with the current. Usually this stream emptied out inside brick fortresses in burgs far removed

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