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The Dichotomies in Indian Women’s Lives

For every truth you find in India, the opposite is equally true. This well-worn cliché is doubly true when looking at the lives of Indian women. Indira Gandhi’s rule as Prime Minister of India, for example, was a triumph for women in leadership, yet the

First Village

New Burlington, Ohio: When A Town Dies
John Harlan Pickin, A History

March 15, 1974 John Harlan Pickin’s great-grandfather walked from New Jersey to Ohio when farming country was still new. Caprice being the true nature of human delivery, John Pickin grows older in New Jersey now, and the distance is ever more awesome. He will never

Scattered "rocks" are handaxes washed out of sediments 400,000 years old. The thatched roof protects excavation of intact "living floors."

Stone Age Olorgesailie: Esthetics Among the Carrion Eaters

It is a wild and rugged place — hot, dry, uninhabited most of the year and then only by wandering Masai herdsmen tending their ragged cattle. It is called Olorgesailie and it is 100 miles south of the Equator on the floor of Kenya’s Rift