Here’s what past fellows have said about this opportunity:

Erika Hayasaki

Erika Hayasaki

Freelance journalist, U. of California Irvine journalism professor Los Angeles, CA.

“Nature, Nurture and Epigenetics”

“The fellowship was vital to my own professional development as a journalist. It gave me the opportunity to delve deeply into a subject area and it also gave me the time to work on stories that turned into deeper, longform investigations.”

–Erika Hayasaki (APF ’18)

Ismail Einashe

Ismail Einashe

China in Africa: Win-Win Cooperation or Neo-Colonialism?

“I was able to undertake the most ambitious journalistic project I have ever done, how China is changing Africa. I was able to get a nuanced, in-depth perspective from four countries—Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.” I would urge any journalists, especially journalists of color, to apply.”

–Ismail Einashe (APF ’19)

Wil Haygood

Wil Haygood

The Life and Politics of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

“My being awarded an Alicia Patterson Fellowship not only ignited my book writing career, but propelled me to become a better researcher and journalist. It was a profound moment in my life, allowing me to examine a big and important story beyond the newsroom.

— Wil Haygood (APF ’88)

Applications are now open for independent writing projects funded by the Alicia Patterson Foundation. The fellowships, either 12 month ($40,000) or 6 months ($20,000), allow you to do independent research and writing on a topic of your choosing. At least one fellowship is aimed at science and environmental coverage.

Apply on-line at:
Deadline: November. 1, 2023
Open to: Print journalists, photojournalists, editors