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Changes in Rural Life Under the Policies of the European Economic Community
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The Struggle of the Hmong in America
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Argentina: The Military in Power - 1976-83
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Public Housing in America
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Faces of the 80s in America, a Nation in Transition
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Standardized Testing and American Education
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Diplomats and Politics
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A Steel Company's Battle to Survive
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Ghosts of Undone Research: Victims of environmental poisoning and how they have been compensated
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Book Banning and Revisions and Changes in Textbooks in America
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An American Community Newspaper Under Pressure
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How Computers are Changing Work
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Faces of the 80s in America, a Nation in Transition
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Aspects of Organized Crime
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The Neutralization of Europe
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Chips: The U.S. Semiconductor Industry
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Social Change in the U.S. and Central America
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Changes in the U.S. Economy since World War II
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Safeguarding Nuclear Materials
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Evolution of Toxic Pollution Policy - Hooker Chemical Corporation
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U.S. Petroleum Policies
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Planning for Nuclear War
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The Phenomenon of Elvis Presley in American Life
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The Reliance On Drugs in the U.S. Meat Industry
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Search For A Seminary: 1955-1979
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Indian Energy Polices
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Social and Economic Consequences of the War in Northern Ireland
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Alternatives to Traditional Courts
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Subsistence Living in a Changing Eskimo Village
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Analysis of the Federal Government's Water Resources Policies
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Zionist and Islamic Ideas and the Mideast Crisis
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Black Humor from Stepin Fetchit to Richard Pryor
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Perspectives on the Military Family
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The Appropriate Technology Movement
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Depression Among Women
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Farmers, Food and Farming
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Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation
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The Making of the Television Season
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The Medium of Print: A Craft Becomes a Computer Function
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The Latinization of the U.S.
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Role of Self Care in Health
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U.S.: The Conditions of Attitudes of its People in 1976
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How Lobbyists Operate in Washington D.C.
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Cancer Research
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The Revolution in the Roman Catholic Chruch in Latin America
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West Point Class of '69: Attitudes and Experiences
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The American Industrial Revolution: Textile Milltown
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Behavior Technology and Social Policy in the U.S. and Latin America