23rd Annual Competition Fellowship Winners for 1988

The Alicia Patterson Foundation

1988 Fellowship Winners

Picture of Wayne Biddle

Wayne Biddle

Freelance Writerv

“Corporate History of Defense Spending”

Picture of Suzanne Bilello

Suzanne Bilello

Freelance Writer

“The Legacy of 1968 In Mexico's Political Future”

Picture of Wil Haygood

Wil Haygood

The Boston Globe

“The Life and Politics of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.”

Picture of Samuel Dillon

Samuel Dillon

Freelance writer

“Government secrecy During Recent Presidential Administrations”

Picture of Steven Mufson

Steven Mufson

Freelance writer

“Profiles of Black Political Leaders and Organizations in South Africa”

Picture of William Prochnau

William Prochnau

Freelance Writer

“The Media as it Operated in Vietnam and the Aftermath”

Picture of Maggie Steber

Maggie Steber

Freelance Photojournalist

“Photographing and Reporting on Haiti after Duvalier”

Photos by Ira J. Schwarz

Judges for the 23rd Annual Competition were:

Lenoard Devine, APF Fellow 1971 and managing editor,  The Washington Post

Linda Greenhouse, Washington correspondent,  The New York Times

Willilam Greider, Washington correspondent,  Rolling Stone magazine

Stephen Hess, senior fellow, The Brookings Institution

Anthony Marro, executive editor,  Newsday

Peggy Simpson, economics correspondent, Hearst newspapers

Betty Ann Williams, assistant managing editor,  The Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, N.Y.
Dominic Phillips

Dom Phillips 1964-2022

It is with great sadness that the Foundation acknowledges the death of Dom Phillips, who was researching solutions to protect the Amazon under his Alicia Patterson fellowship.