31st Annual Competition Fellowship Winners for 1996

The Alicia Patterson Foundation

1996 Fellowship Winners

Seven journalists have been selected for the 31st class of Alicia Patterson fellows. A full report on their projects and background will be included in the next APF Reporter.

Maud Beelman

Maud Beelman

Reporter, Associated Press, Vienna, Austria.

“U.S. Foreign Policy in the Former Yugoslavia”

Jason Eskenazi

Jason Eskenazi

Freelance photographer, New York City

“Russia Faces West: The Last Revolution”

Andrew Meier

Andrew Meier

Freelance writer/associate editor, PNS, San Francisco, CA.

“Ethnic Conflict in the Former Soviet Union”

Laura Parker

Laura Parker

Reporter, Detroit News, Washington, D.C.

“Coping with Illiteracy: One Town's Burden, a Nation's Shame”

Alexander Stille

Alexander Stille

Freelance writer, Atlanta, GA.

“The Future of the Past”

Marcos Breton and José Luis Villegas

Marcos Breton and José Luis Villegas

Staff writer and photographer, Sacramento Bee.

“Lost Field of Dreams: The Forgotten Legacy of Latins in American Baseball”

(Photos by Ira J. Schwarz)


Judges for the 31th Annual Competition were:

Sandy Close, editor, Pacific News Service

Stephen Hess, author and writer, The Brookings Institution

Jim Fiedler, Jr, photo editor,  U.S. News and World Report

Tony Marro, editor,  Newsday

Marcia Slacum-Greene, reporter,  The Washington Post

Zofia Smardz, Washington writer and former APF Fellow

Juan Walte, assistant editorial page editor,  USA TODAY

Dominic Phillips

Dom Phillips 1964-2022

It is with great sadness that the Foundation acknowledges the death of Dom Phillips, who was researching solutions to protect the Amazon under his Alicia Patterson fellowship.