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George Rodrigue

Portrait of the Artist as a Cajun

George Rodrigue paints pictures of ghosts. They hover in his dark Louisiana landscapes, suspended between heaven and earth, not really belonging to this life or the life hereafter. They stand like cutouts, pasted on a backdrop of shadow and mystery. They are Rodrigue’s Cajuns, ripped

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Appalachia: Preface for a Dying Culture

Two hundred years have passed since the first white settlers made their early arduous steps into the Appalachian wilderness, but those two centuries have brought America no closer to understanding the people of the Appalachian culture than when the culture was born. The old ways

Mrs. Edwina S. Pepper

The Mountain Call: More Than a Newsletter

The road to The Knob really isn’t a road at all. It’s a path, a winding scar in a West Virginia mountain. Boulders as big as horses litter the roadbed. Here and there, mountain springs pour water on the clay base making mud pits that

Totem 2 ½' x 18" Stone J.T. Shively Collection

Indian Artists Versus Artists Who Are Indians

Anchorage, Alaska July 17, 1972 For well over two centuries the artistic accomplishment of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest Coast has astonished all who have experienced it. Russians, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards and Yankee merchant mariners visited Alaska and the adjacent coastal islands to explore