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Stopping the Pillage

In Peru, villagers mobilize against the looters who ransack ancient sites A lean man in his 50s with skin burnished from a lifetime working in sugar cane fields, Gregorio Becerra remembers the days when his father used to bring home ancient ceramic pots to their

Architects’ concept sketch of the Freedom Center entrance at night.

A Museum In Black and White

In the mythology of the Underground Railroad, the Ohio River has a sacramental status. Crossing it transformed slaves into free men and women. The alchemy was imperfect, to be sure: Under federal law, slaves in the North remained property and could be recaptured. Still, reaching

Aerial view of Jewish Museum Berlin
Photo courtesy of Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin – “Not a Guilt Trip”

BERLIN – Like a streak of lightning or an unraveling Star of David, the Jewish Museum Berlin zigzags through this city’s Kreuzberg section, just steps away from graffiti-covered storefronts and boxy, high-rise public housing. Clad in zinc, its façade broken by irregular slashes of glass,

Jenny Wilson of Peach Creek, W. Va.

Folk cultures: In conclusion…

James Domengeaux — Cajun by birth and preference — leaned back in his chair in his Lafayette, La., law office. “After all,” he said, “isn’t this what America is all about? I mean freedom. Freedom to be a Cajun, to live the Cajun life without

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Education: A Cultural Saviour?

The Cajuns of southern Louisiana and the mountain people of Appalachia know very little about their heritage. The fact that their histories, customs and traditions are locked away in the past has had a profound impact on the present status of their decaying cultures. It’s