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Denis Goldberg left South Africa after spending 22 years in prison. AP Wirephotos

South African Exiles

In exile, now, and far away, it is still easy to recall clearly the joy of sitting alone beside a waterhole, silently listening to the sounds of wild game. Waiting patiently, I anticipated and watched the movements of buck, of lion, of elephant or giraffe,

Buddy MacKay points to a headline in his hometown paper, the Ocala Star-Banner, proclaiming he won the Senate seat instead of Connie Mack. The photo appeared in the Palm Beach Post on Nov. 10, 1988 Photo by Bob Shanley, staff photographer, Palm Beach Post

A Tale of Weird Drop-Offs and Jump-Ups: Are Computer Vote Counts Honest?

TALLAHASSEE AND SOUTH FLORIDA–Speaking softly, but with an occasional “damn,” the lieutenant governor of Florida, Democrat Buddy McKay, said last spring in his office in the Florida State Capitol that he believed a seat in the U.S. Senate was stolen from him six years ago.

On the 23rd day of the impassee over adoption of the state budget in 1992, Speaker Willie Brown and Governor Pete Wilson finally started talking to each other again. The meetin gcame after Brown, uninvited, marched to the governor's office and asked to be let in. Facing reporters, Wilson put his arm around Brown and called him "my pal." The budget impassee - over education - continued, however, lasting a record-breaking 64 days. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Willie Brown: Power, Money and Instinct

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA–Frank Fat’s is the smallest building on its block. Painted garishly pink outside, the Chinese restaurant is sandwiched between a parking garage and an old brick office building a short walk from the California State Capitol. The napkin from Frank Fat’s restaurant that resulted

Under political siege in 1988, Willie Brown listens to two of the five Assembly Democrats who attempted to unseat him as Speaker. The Gang of Five's rebellion eventually fizzled. At left is Assemblyman Steve Peace of Chula Vista and, right Jerry Eaves of Rialto. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Willie Brown: The Members’ Speaker

SAN FRANCISCO — Willie Brown, his tuxedo glistening in the spotlight, bounced onto a stage in the ornate ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel, the grandiose citadel of San Francisco’s old-moneyed establishment. California’s most powerful politician began introducing his after-dinner entertainment and his guests definitely would

Anita Hill Baucus said she called members of the Senate Judiciary committee because whe couldn't tolerate seeing Anita Hill "suffering at the hands of a bunch of thugs, and that was how they were treating her. It was frightening to see them all gang up on her." AP/Wide World Photos

Sexism in Washington: Breaking the Silence

It’s been almost two years since millions of Americans sat riveted in front of their televisions, witnessing the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings before the Senate Judiciary committee. That’s a long time ago by Washington standards, where big stories can become ancient history within weeks if