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Two members of the East Rudolf expedition study a living site recently abandoned by modern nomads for clues as to what remains. Such information can help interpret finds in ancient living sites.

Richard Leakey’s East Rudolf: Desolate Graveyard of Early Man

Koobi Fora, Kenya   On this barren, crocodile-infested spit of sand that juts into Kenya’s remote Lake Rudolf stands the base camp of the most successful early-man fossil-hunting expedition ever mounted. From the semi-permanent grass-roofed huts clustered on the point to catch lake breezes, Richard

The sharply layered deposits of Olduvai Gorge, 160 miles southwest of Nairobi in northern Tanzania, were created by alternating deposition of take sediments and volcanic ash from eruptions along the Rift Valley. The gorge, cut by a river and widened by erosion, meanders some 25 miles with one major fork. Over 130 sites along its length have yielded bones and/or tools ranging in age from 10,000 years to nearly two million years.

Olduvai Gorge: Showcase of Early Man’s Technology

It is 5:30 in the morning and, looking east, I can see the darkness lifting over the distant rim of the wide Ngorongoro Crater. The hyenas have stopped whooping in the gorge — Olduvai Gorge — that falls away at my feet. The wind whistles

Two views of Raymond Dart's Taung baby, the first ape-man ever found. It may have lived among an isolated population of pre-humans who survived tong after men evolved elsewhere.

The Mysterious Fossil Mines of South Africa

As readers of Robert Ardrey’ s African Genesis may recall, the first solid suggestion that man originated in Africa came in the 1920s when Raymond Dart painstakingly chiseled the fossilized skull of a pre-human child from a block of South African limestone. Two views of