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An open-air flea market in Houston is frequented by Central American immigrants. Photo by APF Fellow Roberto Suro

Houston Dollars Fuel The Human Traffic from Guatemala

One morning in September, 1978 Juan L. Chanax set out from his village in the Guatemalan highlands of Totonicapan and began a voyage with consequences still unfolding in unimaginable ways. A weaver’s son and a good weaver himself, Juan made one of the few decisions

More than a year after the Los Angeles riots, street vendors ply their wares in the shadow of the city's downtown. Photo by APF Fellow Roberto Suro

Immigration to the Burn Zone: The Changing Face of the American City

Photos and article by APF Fellow Roberto Suro   LOS ANGELES — During Los Angeles’ days of fury in spring,1992, the sounds of gun fire and helicopters reminded Elsa Flores why she had left El Salvador more than a decade earlier and made her wonder

Free classes in Houston prepare immigrants for the US. citizenship test and build loyalty to politicians who sponsor them. Latino politicians in the U. S. have often ignored immigrants, but in Houston, city councilman Ben Reyes set up an aggressive citizenship program after narrowly losing a Congressional race last year. Photo BY APF Fellow Roberto Suro. (Photo By APF Fellow Roberto Suro.

Adding Up The Latino Fractions

Alice Salazar worries about the changes that newcomers are bringing to the Houston neighborhood her family has called home since the turn of the century when her grandparents immigrated from Mexico. “This place is full of fly-by-night people now,” she said speaking English with a

A Watauga County, NC farmer and his OPEC independent equipment get an early, steady start in the tobacco field.

Standing Our Ground

Photos and article by APF Fellow Dorothea Jackson There is a flat room-size rock that sticks out into a pool in Big Santeetlah Creek, which borders Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in Graham County, N.C. The place is called Rattler’s Ford, a name that more likely

The view near the top of the Appalachian range at Craggy Gardens, on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville. Mist and clouds brush the mountain tops after a spring rain. The rhododendron gardens are natures own.

Living at Home: Money and Migration

Photos and text by APF Fellow Dorothea Jackson The Old South Carolina highway that snaked through the first wave of the Blue Ridge Mountains ends now in Lake Keowee. Literally, just short of where a covered bridge used to span the formidable green torrent that