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Commercial Fishing: Our Most Perilous Trade
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Beauty and the Brothel
James Shreeve's picture
After the Code
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History in Play: Contested Museums and Memorials
Chris Bull's picture
Anti-Gay Violence in America
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Looking for Troubles
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The Khanty of Northwestern Sibera
Leonard Hansen's picture
Telephone, Mail, and Internet Fraud against Mature Americans
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Polish entrepreneurs after the economic shock therapy of 1990
Louis Freedberg's picture
The Unintended Consequences of Immigration Reform
Frank Clifford's picture
The Continental Divide Trail
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La Nueva Selva: How Meat and Poultry Plants and Latino Workers are Changing the South
Colman McCarthy's picture
Mentoring, Tutoring, and Literacy: The Experience at Garrison Elementary
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Blues Culture in Mississippi
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The High Cost to Individuals of Immigration Denials.
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The Rises and Falls of Benazir Bhutto
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Maids in America
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El Periodico Especial in Cuba
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Souls Inside the Roman Catholic Church
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Photographing and Reporting on Haiti after Duvalier
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The Pursuit of Oil in the Caspian
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A Town Without Law - 'Impunidad' in Mexico
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White Activists in the Struggle against Apartheid and their Legacy
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Averting Armageddon: Confronting Proliferation in South Asia
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Deepest Roots: The Catholic Sister in American Society
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Ambos Nogales: Border Town at the Breaking Point
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The Liberian Civil War
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Work Life in the Age of Downsizing and Deregulation
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The Lessons of Ida Tarbell
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Youth Identity and Gang Violence in the Americas
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Medicare and Medicaid Shift to Managed Care
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Russia Faces West: The Last Revolution
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Lost Field of Dreams
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The Future of the Past
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U.S Foregin Policy in the Former
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Ethnic Conflict in the Former Soviet Union
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Lost Field of Dreams
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Coping with Illiteracy: One Town's Burden, a Nation's Shame
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Managing AIDS in the 1990s: A Family Struggle
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The Cocaine Trade and the Destruction of the Rain Forest
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The Politics of Memory in New Democracies
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Managing AIDS in the 1990s: A Family Struggle
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Faces of Head Start
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Middle Class: African and Caribbean Emigrants and Their Role in Rebuilding Urban America
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Other People
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Poverty in Vacationland: Life in a Backwoods Maine Community
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Ethnic Conflict in Africa