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A Better Chance: A Unique Educational Experiment
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The Conquest of the Amazon Frontier
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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
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The Changing World of Disabled People
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African Americans in Higher Education, 1965-1990
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Nicaragua's Contra War
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The Impact of Pinochet's Dictatorship in Chile
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Salt, Selenium and the Future of Irrigated Agriculture in the West
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Alcohol Abuse by Indians
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Eastern Europe in the Era of Gorbachev
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U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine
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Government secrecy During Recent Presidential Administrations
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The Life and Politics of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
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The Legacy of 1968 Mexico's Political Future
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The Media as it Operated in Vietnam and the Aftermath
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Corporate History of Defense Spending
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Profiles of Black Political Leaders and Organizations in South Africa
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The Internal Revenue Service
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The rise of the radical right in Israel
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Testing the Future
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Christian America
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Risk and how living can be hazardous to your health
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The Tobacco Industry
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Young generations of contemporary Eastern Europe
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Deregulation of the American health-care system
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Pacific Salmon and their struggle to survive
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The broken alliance between Blacks and Jews in America
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America's New Black Middle Class
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Pulp and paper
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Changes in Rural Life Under the Policies of the European Economic Community
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The Struggle of the Hmong in America
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Argentina: The Military in Power - 1976-83
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Black Political Power in the South
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Child Poverty in America
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The Development of American Conservative Politics
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The Arabs Today
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Faces of the 80s in America, a Nation in Transition
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Standardized Testing and American Education
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Diplomats and Politics
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A Steel Company's Battle to Survive
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Public Housing in America
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How Computers are Changing Work
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Faces of the 80s in America, a Nation in Transition
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Ghosts of Undone Research: Victims of environmental poisoning and how they have been compensated
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Book Banning and Revisions and Changes in Textbooks in America
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An American Community Newspaper Under Pressure
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Social Change in the U.S. and Central America
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Changes in the U.S. Economy since World War II