Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. at a New York press conference. Photo: AP/Wide World Photos
Throughout his political career, Powell was involved in civil rights activities. Here he engages in bipartisan picketing of the Glen Echo amusement park in suburban Maryland to protest segregation of its swimming pool. With him were U.S. Representatives Charles 0. Porter (D-OR.) at left; Seymour Halpern (R-NY) center and Charles C. Diggs (D-Ml) at right. Photo: AP/Wide World Photos
Rep. Powell celebrates his Democratic renomination in 1958 with supporters at his New York headquarters. He beat a Tammany-backed opponent after the Democratic leadership denied him its backing. Photo: AP/Wide World Photos
Powell had to convince voters he was a Democrat in his 1958 primary. He predicted he’d win "two to one." Photo: AP/Wide World Photos