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Glenn Frankel Will Return to London

GLENN FRANKEL will return to London as the Washington Post’s bureau chief in August. He has been editing the Post’s Sunday magazine.

Joel Millman

Columbia University Awarded a 2004 Maria Moors Cabot Prize to Joel Millman 

Columbia University awarded a 2004 Maria Moors Cabot Prize to Joel Millman for outstanding reporting on Latin America. Joel is the Wall Street Journal’s U.S.-Mexico border bureau chief. Joel is the seventh Alicia Patterson fellow to win the prize, which is the oldest international award

Kay Mills

Kay Mills’ Book was Published by the University Press of Mississippi

Kay Mills’ book about the landmark communications law case that forced broadcasters to hire more minorities and cover their entire community was published by the University Press of Mississippi. Its title is, “Changing Channels: The Civil Rights Case That Transformed Television.” The Freedom Forum hosted

Nina Bernstein

Nina Bernstein Presented Award Based on Patterson Research

Investigative Reporters and Editors presented an award this May to the book on foster care that NINA BERNSTEIN wrote based on her Patterson research, “The lost Children of Wilder:The Epic Struggle to Change Foster Care.”(Pantheon/Vintage Books)

Charlise Lyles

Charlise Lyles is the Editor of “CATALYST Cleveland” Magazine

Charlise Lyles is the editor of “CATALYST Cleveland” magazine, which provides independent reporting and analysis on urban school reform. She launched the effort in her hometown five years ago with the support of “CATALYST Chicago.” She can be reached at: