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Maggie Scarf
Fellowship Year: 1978
Fellowship Title: Depression Among Women
Posts: 5
Maggie Steber
Fellowship Year: 1988
Fellowship Title: Photographing and Reporting on Haiti after Duvalier
Posts: 4
Malcolm Gay
Fellowship Year: 2013
Fellowship Title: The Brain Electric – Inside the Effort to Merge the Brain with Machines
Malia Politzer
Fellowship Year: 2020
Fellowship Title: The Living Casualties of ISIS
Avatar photo
Fellowship Year: 2001
Fellowship Title: Uncle Charlie
Posts: 1
Marc Reisner
Fellowship Year: 1979
Fellowship Title: Analysis of the Federal Government's Water Resources Policies
Posts: 6
Marcos Bretón
Fellowship Year: 1996
Fellowship Title: Lost Field of Dreams
Posts: 4
Marcus Stern
Fellowship Year: 2014
Fellowship Title: How Safe are America’s Energy Pipelines?
Co-Fellow: Sebastian Jones
Posts: 1
Margaret Edds
Fellowship Year: 1985
Fellowship Title: Black Political Power in the South
Posts: 4
Maria Danilova
Fellowship Year: 2019
Fellowship Title: Women in Russia
Marianne Szegedy-Maszak
Fellowship Year: 1992
Fellowship Title: Transition and Traumas of Privatization in Hungary
Posts: 1
Marjane Ambler
Fellowship Year: 1980
Fellowship Title: Indian Engergy Policies and Their Effect on Tribal Self-sufficiency
Posts: 6