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Ada Calhoun
Fellowship Year: 2014
Fellowship Title: Reproductive Rights and the Criminal Justice System
Posts: 1
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Fellowship Year: 2010
Fellowship Title: America's Food Supply
Alex Cuadros
Fellowship Year: 2018
Fellowship Title: Diamonds and Inequality in the Amazon
Alexander Stille
Fellowship Year: 1996
Fellowship Title: The Future of the Past
Posts: 2
Alexis Okeowo
Fellowship Year: 2012
Fellowship Title: Africa’s Battle over Homosexuality.
Posts: 2
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Fellowship Year: 2007
Fellowship Title: Speaking Truth to Power
Alissa Rubin
Fellowship Year: 1992
Fellowship Title: Abortion: Reality versus Politics in the 1990s
Posts: 2
Alma Guillermoprieto
Fellowship Year: 1985
Fellowship Title: Changes in Rural Life Under the Policies of the European Economic Community
Posts: 4
Amy Linn
Fellowship Year: 2015
Fellowship Title: The Teens Who Survived Death Row: Life, Death and Growing Up in Prison
Posts: 3
Anakwa Dwamena
Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: “Climate Change and Democracy in West Africa”
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Fellowship Year: 2011
Fellowship Title: Afghanistan: Surviving the Choices of War
Posts: 2
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Fellowship Year: 2010
Fellowship Title: Searching for Oil and Gas Beneath America’s Sacred Lands
Posts: 4