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Joshua Sokol
Fellowship Year: 2021
Fellowship Title: Who Owns the Sky?
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Fellowship Year: 2000
Fellowship Title: History in Play: Contested Museums and Memorials
Posts: 4
Jyoti Madhusoodanan 2023 Journalism Grant Winner
Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: Human Experiments: Unblinding Clinical Trials
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Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: Domestic Violence in Utah
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Fellowship Year: 2012
Fellowship Title: The Impact of Budget Cuts on Civil Justice in America.
Posts: 2
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Fellowship Year: 2022
Fellowship Title: America’s Invisible Army: The Crisis of 53 Million Caregivers
Kathy Corcoran
Fellowship Year: 2016
Fellowship Title: Press Freedom in Mexico
Posts: 1
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Fellowship Year: 2006
Fellowship Title: The Interaction Between Public Health and Homeland Security Issues
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Fellowship Year: 2009
Fellowship Title: Human Evolution From the Stone Age to the Present
Katie Quandt
Fellowship Year: 2020
Fellowship Title: Dying for Justice in America’s Jails
Co-Fellow: Jean Casella
Katti Gray
Fellowship Year: 1998
Fellowship Title: Maids in America
Keith Schneider 2023 Journalism Grant Winner
Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: Confronting Agriculture’s Toxic Discharge
Posts: 1