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George Johnson
Fellowship Year: 1984
Fellowship Title: Artificial Minds: The Quest to Build Computers Smarter than Humankind
Posts: 4
Glenn Frankel
Fellowship Year: 1998
Fellowship Title: White Activists in the Struggle against Apartheid and their Legacy
Posts: 2
Graham MacIndoe
Fellowship Year: 2014
Fellowship Title: The UnAmericans: Detained, Deported and Divided
Co-Fellow: Susan Stellin
Gregg Levine
Fellowship Year: 2020
Fellowship Title: From Near to Eternity: The Elusive Promise and Enduring Problems of Commercial Nuclear Power
Gregory Millman
Fellowship Year: 1992
Fellowship Title: How Financial Markets Invented During the 1980s Have Changed Our Lives
Posts: 2
Guy Gugliotta
Fellowship Year: 1985
Fellowship Title: Argentina: The Military in Power - 1976-83
Posts: 4
Hazel Brannon Smith
Fellowship Year: 1983
Fellowship Title: A Case Study of an American Community Newspaper Under Pressure
Posts: 3
Hillary Rosner
Fellowship Year: 2012
Fellowship Title: The Evolution Fix: Saving Nature in the DNA Era.
Posts: 3
Ian Johnson
Fellowship Year: 2013
Fellowship Title: China: The Soul of a New Superpower
Ismail Einashe
Fellowship Year: 2019
Fellowship Title: China in Africa: Win-Win Cooperation or Neo-Colonialism?
J. Lester Feder
Fellowship Year: 2013
Fellowship Title: How Gay Marriage is Changing the Globe
Posts: 3
Avatar photo
Fellowship Year: 2004
Fellowship Title: A Culture Vanishing
Posts: 1