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Brian Donovan
Fellowship Year: 1981
Fellowship Title: U.S. Petroleum Policies
Posts: 6
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Fellowship Year: 2009
Fellowship Title: The Physical and Psychological Effects of War on the Brain
Brooke Borel
Fellowship Year: 2016
Fellowship Title: The Shift From Pesticides: Exploring Alternative Agricultural Pest Control
Brooke Jarvis
Fellowship Year: 2015
Fellowship Title: Mining the Deep: Inside the Newest Frontier of Mineral Extraction
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Fellowship Year: 2000
Fellowship Title: How a New England Textile Mill Came to Symbolize Social Justice in an Age of Corporate Indifference
Bruce Locklin
Fellowship Year: 1982
Fellowship Title: Aspects of Organized Crime
Posts: 3
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Fellowship Year: 2004
Fellowship Title: Revisiting Appalachia
Posts: 1
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Fellowship Year: 2008
Fellowship Title: How Toxic Chemicals are Slowly Poisoning American Workers
Cathy Trost
Fellowship Year: 1981
Fellowship Title: Evolution of Toxic Pollution Policy - Hooker Chemical Corporation
Posts: 6
Chandra Bozelko
Fellowship Year: 2024
Fellowship Title: The Deadly Racial Impact of Prison Discipline
Charles Glass
Fellowship Year: 2018
Fellowship Title: The Syrian Regime
Charlise Lyles
Fellowship Year: 1990
Fellowship Title: A Better Chance: A Unique Educational Experiment
Posts: 4