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Susie Cagle 2023 Journalism Grant Winner
Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: The Unintended Consequences of California’s Water Policies
Posts: 3
Ada Calhoun
Fellowship Year: 2014
Fellowship Title: Reproductive Rights and the Criminal Justice System
Posts: 1
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Fellowship Year: 2003
Fellowship Title: Alaska Natives and Cancer
Posts: 2
Jean Casella
Fellowship Year: 2020
Fellowship Title: Dying for Justice in America’s Jails
Co-Fellow: Katie Quandt
Robert Chaney
Fellowship Year: 2022
Fellowship Title: Playing God in Glacier Park
Leslie Chang
Fellowship Year: 2017
Fellowship Title: Factories and Faith: The Working Women of Egypt
Rita Ciolli
Fellowship Year: 1983
Fellowship Title: Book Banning and Revisions and Changes in Textbooks in America
Posts: 3
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Fellowship Year: 2009
Fellowship Title: The Unmitigated Impacts of America’s Natural Gas Boom
Roger Clawson
Fellowship Year: 1989
Fellowship Title: Alcohol Abuse by Indians
Posts: 3
Mary Clay Berry
Fellowship Year: 1976
Fellowship Title: How Lobbyists Operate in Washington D.C.
Posts: 9