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Dave Hage
Fellowship Year: 2014
Fellowship Title: The American Buffalo
Co-Fellow: Josephine Marcotty
Posts: 2
David C. Hamilton
Fellowship Year: 1972
Fellowship Title: Leisure Time and Middle Class America
Posts: 7
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Fellowship Year: 2010
Fellowship Title: The Uncertain Future of American Agriculture
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Fellowship Year: 2008
Fellowship Title: The Challenges of American Aid in Africa
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Fellowship Year: 2011
Fellowship Title: The Spine of the Continent: Climate Change and Biodiversity
Leonard Hansen
Fellowship Year: 1999
Fellowship Title: Telephone, Mail, and Internet Fraud against Mature Americans
Posts: 1
Blaine Harden
Fellowship Year: 1993
Fellowship Title: The Columbia River
Posts: 4
Sylvia Harvey
Fellowship Year: 2022
Fellowship Title: Investigating Life Sentences
Lee Hawkins
Fellowship Year: 2024
Fellowship Title: Unlocking the Gates: Investigating Real Estate Discrimination Against Black Families in America’s Suburbs
Erika Hayasaki
Fellowship Year: 2018
Fellowship Title: Nature, Nurture and Epigenetics