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Darcy Padilla
Fellowship Year: 2015
Fellowship Title: The Fallen American Dream
Laura Parker
Fellowship Year: 1996
Fellowship Title: Coping with Illiteracy: One Town's Burden, a Nation's Shame
Posts: 3
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Fellowship Year: 2007
Fellowship Title: Organizing Farmworkers
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Fellowship Year: 2010
Fellowship Title: Searching for Oil and Gas Beneath America’s Sacred Lands
Posts: 4
Richard Pearce
Fellowship Year: 1975
Fellowship Title: The American Industrial Revolution: Textile Milltown
Posts: 7
Eric Peterson 2023 Journalism Grant Winner
Fellowship Year: 2023
Fellowship Title: Domestic Violence in Utah
Co-Fellow: K. Sophie Will
David Peyton
Fellowship Year: 1975
Fellowship Title: Cajun and Appalacian: Two Cultures in Transition
Posts: 12
Dominic Phillips
Fellowship Year: 2021
Fellowship Title: Amazon Conservation: Investigating Positive and Negative Models for Preserving the Rainforest
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Fellowship Year: 2000
Fellowship Title: Looking for Troubles
James Pogue
Fellowship Year: 2022
Fellowship Title: Forestry and Extremism in America’s Fire Capital